Recruiter Gains Career Confidence with Business Degree

New England College alumni have earned more than a degree. As members of a dynamic community of learners, NEC graduates are prepared to transform themselves and the world. We invite you to read how our alumni have applied what they’ve learned to achieve in their lives.

Kristina DiMartino is a senior recruiter responsible for Actuarial, Marketing and Legal recruiting in the Talent Acquisition department at Voya Financial in Windsor, Conn. She earned a BA in Business Administration/Marketing from New England College in 2015.

How did your education at New England College prepare you for what you are doing today?

I had 20 years of experience prior to receiving my bachelor’s degree. Although my education did not directly prepare me for what I do today, my education has given me confidence in my career.  I am no longer embarrassed to say I had just an associate degree, now I can be proud that I have achieved my bachelor’s degree at 46 years, divorced, working full time and raising two teenagers.  For me, showing my daughters that there are no obstacles when you have your sights set on a goal is worth far more that what I could ever gain in a career.

Kristina DiMartino
Kristina DiMartino earned a BA in Business Administration/Marketing from New England College in 2015.

What aspects of your time as a New England College student continue to resonate with you since graduation?

I finished my bachelor’s degree online at NEC (10 classes). I didn’t have the traditional experience as a four-year student. The one aspect that continues to resonate with me is that I accomplished a long-time goal of mine.

What advice/insight do you have for New England College alumni and students interested in your career field?

My associate degree plus 20 years of experience was not opening doors for my career like I had hoped.  The confidence I’ve gained to look at just about any job now that I have my bachelor’s, it’s priceless.  For my future, the requirement of a four-year degree will no longer be a roadblock on my future.  I am a recruiter and could spend hours offering advice to college students (maybe an online seminar offering for the school).  It’s very competitive in today’s market. Not having your degree at any age can hold you back. There are those “once in lifetime” breaks, such as Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, but they are few and far between. Get your degree!

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