Sports Account Coordinator Career Profile

Sports account coordinators are junior level executives that support their team by managing one or more sports marketing accounts. They usually work under supervision of an account executive or account manager. General duties may include tracking media, assembling press kits and promotional materials, writing copy, researching and performing a wide variety of creative and administrative tasks both internal and external to the organization. Sports account coordinators help create marketing strategies by providing creative input. They are skilled professionals who use databases and spreadsheets to manage data, and may pitch marketing ideas and present reports to executive-level management and clients.

To excel in this field, professionals will need to operate in a proactive fashion in order to maintain healthy relationships with corporate clients. Having good communication skills is essential for success, since coordinators will be working with a large number of people in person and through written communications.  Attention to detail is crucial. Candidates can expect to perform customer service and account management tasks as well, so advanced interpersonal skills and organizational skills will be an asset.

Where do I find work as a Sports Account Coordinator

Sports account coordinators are employed in all sports and in many different kinds of marketing and advertising firms. They can find opportunities in the athletic departments of colleges and universities, with amateur and professional team sports, the sports equipment industry, and with sports media companies such as CBS Interactive and ESPN.

How to become a Sports Account Coordinator

If you love sports and have the drive, enthusiasm and self-confidence to deal with setbacks as easily as successes, you might find this position ideal for breaking into the business of sports. Be prepared to work long hours and expect to accept responsibility if things go wrong through no fault of your own. The focus of your job may change at any moment due to a player injury, news involving the team, a player or client, or some other situation. Handling these setbacks and changes in priority requires an individual with drive, dedication and in-depth knowledge of the organization.

Employers typically seek individuals who understand the way the organization works on an internal level, and how they typically deal with professional clients. This experience can be obtained by securing an internship or doing volunteer work in the organization. Experience from being a player on a team or being an alumnus may suffice for college and university sport positions.  Along with an understanding of the organization, employers look for candidates who possess at least a bachelor’s degree in business or marketing. Having prior experience as an account coordinator in another organization may help, but due to the nature of the job, and the fact that good account coordinators move on to higher positions, prior experience may not be a primary requirement.

Account coordinators with excellent performance may be promoted to account executive status in as little as two or three years in some organizations. Some move on to other positions that they discover through the wide range of contacts they make on the job.  These positions include public relations specialists and event coordinators, among other careers.

The sports account coordinator experiences a dynamic and fast paced career. Enthusiasm and a love of sports will help you on high stress days and in situations that change in an unpredictable manner. Becoming a sports account coordinator can give you a close-up view of the sports you love, a chance to meet players and celebrities in the sport industry, and the opportunity for a great deal of personal satisfaction.

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