5 Skills You Need to Get Hired at a Startup

Do you dream of getting in on the ground floor at a startup that could someday be the next Facebook, Instagram or Google?

Being hired at a startup can be exciting – but it can also be a challenge. Why? Because startups are usually extremely cautious about new hires. One wrong decision could be a big setback for a young business, so it’s crucial for those companies to find people with the right set of skills and personal attributes.

In an increasingly competitive business climate, which skills do entrepreneurs think will give their startups the best chance at success? Here are five:

1. Technical Skills

Whether selling widgets or creating apps, all businesses use technology in some form. You may be looking for a non-techie position, but you’ll be far more marketable if you have at least some technical skills. If you need to learn basic HTML, spreadsheets or database management, try an online course. The more software and applications knowledge you can list on your resume, the better you will look to a startup.

2. Data Analysis Skills

In today’s business world, data is everything. For startups, it’s even more important, because they can’t afford to go in the wrong direction or simply flip a coin to make a business decision. Startups harvest huge amounts of data and need people who can understand it. Entrepreneurs are always looking for people who:

3. Passion

It takes an incredible amount of drive to start a new venture. Typically entrepreneurs are passionate about what they are doing and expect their staff to be just as enthusiastic. This unwavering belief in the mission is often the glue that keeps startups going in difficult situations. Startup leaders will be looking for that spark, so be ready to demonstrate that working for them means more to you than an opportunity at some other company.

4. Sales Experience

No company can survive without sales, and the better you are at it, the more valuable you’ll be. Startups need skilled salespeople just as much as they need programmers. Even if your main job is in customer service, IT or design, you’ll benefit the company and increase your value if you can intelligently and passionately describe the benefits of the company’s products and services.

5. Collaboration

Being collaborative is more than just working well with others. It means generating ideas and helping others make their vision a reality. At a startup, collaboration means demonstrating you’re willing to do what it takes to make the business a success.

Want a Chance to Be Part of Something Big?

Working at a startup is a big goal for plenty of eager job seekers. If you’re one of them, be prepared to show your potential bosses you have the skills they need and the passion they want.

Think about how you can package yourself to stand out from the competition, and remember that any extra skills and experience you can bring will make you a more attractive candidate. Your efforts will pay off if you get the chance to help an idea grow into a successful venture. And who knows? You could end up working for the next big tech company.

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