How to Write a Cover Letter for a Marketing Position

Marketers are responsible for identifying the unique qualities of a product or service, understanding how those assets meet the needs of a target audience and communicating how the product or service will make a positive difference in a customer’s life.

Those same goals hold true when it comes to marketing yourself. Whether they just graduated with a degree in marketing or are seeking a promotion, applicants should approach the task of writing a cover letter as if they were marketing a product or service. That includes highlighting their strengths and pinpointing how they can make a positive difference within the organization.

Potential Employers are the Target Audience

In creating a marketing campaign, the first objective should be to consider the end user’s needs and base the strategy around those requirements. So, job candidates should think about the needs of prospective employers. In most cases, hiring managers want to know one thing: how is a candidate going to help drive the company’s success. Applicants must be very clear about the skills they offer that would provide value to an organization.

It’s important to highlight achievements and successes that relate to the specific job opening. Talk about solid results. Employers are less likely to be swayed by generalities; they want to see numbers and the impact to the bottom line.

Demonstrate Awareness of Marketing Trends

Human resources managers want to know that candidates are familiar with the latest industry trends and marketing tools. For example, candidates can spotlight their membership in professional associations and include links to their social media profiles, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

It can also be advantageous for marketing professionals to have their own website, which can be used as a platform to promote personal and professional achievements, and specific skill sets. The cover letter then essentially becomes the hook to get managers and recruiters to the website, where an applicant can present a digital portfolio.

Before sending prospective employers to a website or social media profile, job applicants must ensure that all content – text, photos, videos and links – is appropriate for professional purposes. Increasingly, hiring managers are reviewing social media accounts to determine a candidate’s suitability for their company.

Show Off Your Writing Skills

At its core, marketing is about communication. A cover letter is the perfect place for a job candidate to showcase his or her ability to clearly articulate ideas, and demonstrate persuasive and creative expression. The letter should paint a picture of achievement and potential through the use of specific details and a strong, active voice.

A well-written cover letter can put you on the path to career success, so make sure you use the forum to market your most valuable commodity: you.

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