5 Project Management Blogs to Read

Project management is a skill.

And like any skill, everyone does it a little differently. Think of swinging a baseball bat, writing a research paper, or giving a presentation – everybody has adopted their own styles and unique approaches to these skills. Everyone has a perspective that makes their method unique.

There’s a lot to learn from other people’s thoughts and ideas, especially in project management. If you explore the Internet, you’ll find thousands and thousands of resources dedicated to managing projects, all with different techniques, ideas, opinions and methodologies.

We’ve narrowed the list to five, and each offers something new and interesting to learn.

A Girl’s Guide to Project Management

Author Elizabeth Harrin, a project manager with more than 10 years’ experience in healthcare and financial services, started this blog to voice a female perspective on what was, in the early 2000s, a field with predominantly male commentators. The blog has since evolved into a gender-neutral write up of project management and all its foibles, with a lot of Harrin’s voice and character sprinkled throughout.

A Girl’s Guide to Project Management is a three-time Computer Weekly IT Blog Award winner, and in 2010, Harrin was named Computer Weekly’s Blogger of the Year.


Wrike, founded in 2007, provides organizations with a “work management and collaboration platform used by high-performance teams everywhere.” But as well reviewed as Wrike’s products are, the blog might be the number-one resource available to project managers.

The project management section of the Wrike blog discusses all manner of topics, like how to manage teams of creatives and artists instead of programmers and manufacturers, or creating timelines in Microsoft® Excel. There’s something for every type of project manager on Wrike.

Herding Cats

Herding Cats is operated by Glen Alleman, vice president of a program planning and controls consulting practice for an aerospace and defense firm in Denver. He contributes to his blog several times a week, and whether he’s discussing quotes, sharing information about books he’s recently finished, or commentating on the concept of trust, he always ties it back into project management.

Project Management Tips

Project Management Tips features the tagline, “Guidance for real life situations,” and it prides itself on providing content immediately relevant to project managers all over the world. The Project Management Tips blog has nearly 2,000 project management-related posts and counting, and it features content by Elizabeth Harrin, from A Girl’s Guide to Project Management, as well as several other notable contributors (like Joel Roberts, a project management author and business consultant at Seavus Group).

The site also features resources like e-books and project management templates to help readers focus their efforts and better manage their teams.

The Lazy Project Manager

The Lazy Project Manager is headed by Peter Taylor, author of 14 project management-focused books, two of which are big sellers. His philosophy is the age-old “work smarter, not harder,” and he’s determined to show people that it can be done successfully and lucratively.

Taylor’s blog is built on casual writing and storytelling, designed to analyze issues like how a project manager should dress to the most annoying things people say around the office. It’s not your typical project management content, but the lessons conveyed therein are applicable to just about everyone, and they’re sure to help change the way you think about managing projects.

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