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Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

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Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

Criminal justice professionals maintain societal order in the face of evolving laws, technological innovation and social circumstances that lead to incivility and chaos. NEC’s Criminal Justice program is an accessible option for existing criminal justice professionals looking to improve their credentials and newcomers to the field alike. Whether learning investigative techniques, the impact of legal decisions or how laws and court decisions relate to crime, NEC’s experienced faculty provide students with guidance and support during each step of their journey to a degree.


In the general studies degree, a BA in Criminal Justice, you can choose your electives. You can also gain specific expertise in a specialized area with one of our concentrations. Here are some careers to consider with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice:

Careers in Criminal Justice

There is no better time to seek a career in criminal justice as job growth in the law enforcement and related fields is expected to grow by up to 18%, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Here are some careers to consider with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice:

New England College offers flexible, convenient online learning, accelerated courses and the opportunity to start or continue your educational goals on your own time.

Featured Criminal Justice Courses

A bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice gives you the opportunity to learn about topics related to law enforcement and legal decisions. Here are some of the courses available.

CJ1110 Introduction to Criminal Justice CJ1110 Introduction to Criminal Justice

You will gain an overview and analysis of the various parts of the criminal justice system, including law enforcement, criminal law and courts, and criminal punishment and corrections.

SO1130 Criminology SO1130 Criminology

You will examine the types, patterns and extent of crime in U.S. society; the immerse and varied individual and social costs of crime and the and the many responses to crime that are found at the local and national levels. Though the focus is on crime in the U.S., some international comparisons will be integrated into the course.

CJ3210 Contemporary Law Enforcement CJ3210 Contemporary Law Enforcement

Current law enforcement practices including community policing, theories of incarceration, minority group relations, constitutional issues and the special problems associated with law enforcement in this decade are primary topics of discussion in this course. Prerequisite: CJ1110 Introduction to Criminal Justice

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