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Management Concentration

BA in Business Administration/Management

Management Degree

Why Pursue a Management Degree Online?

Strong leadership is one of the most important assets a company can have. Learn how to motivate and inspire others, lead teams to success, develop business plans and profoundly contribute to company performance. By earning your BA in Business Administration with a concentration in Management, you’ll be able to pursue your business degree on your own schedule with anytime, anywhere access to streaming and downloadable lectures, professor-led chat rooms and interactive discussion boards

A solid foundation in business management can open doors in nearly every industry. Courses in business administration can deepen your understanding of the relationships between people, organizations and sound business systems. If you would like to lead a global organization, this concentration can give you the knowledge you need to effectively navigate the swiftly changing global marketplace as an innovative, forward-thinking leader.

Careers in Management

Growth in the management field is driven by new business and expansions of existing companies. Management positions are expected to grow by about 6% by 2024, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That is equal to the average growth for all occupations. Here are some careers to consider with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management.

New England College offers flexible, convenient online learning, accelerated courses and the opportunity to start or continue your educational goals on your own time.

Featured Management Courses

A bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management gives you the opportunity to learn about topics pertinent to the business world. Here are some of the required concentration courses available.

BU3610 Leadership BU3610 Leadership

You will examine leadership as the critical interpersonal dynamic necessary for effective management. It includes leadership assessment, leadership development, the process of leadership, productivity, motivation, and effective leadership styles and theories. Leadership in other cultures is examined. Current readings, research, and practical exercises are incorporated. Prerequisite: BU1110 Introduction to Business

BU3410 Sales Management BU3410 Sales Management

You will learn about one of the elements of marketing promotion, the selling function, with emphasis on planning, organizing and staffing the sales department. Developing, directing and evaluating the performance of the sales force are also major topics. Prerequisites: BU2220 Management Accounting, BU2510 Principles of Marketing

BU3420 Human Resource Management BU3420 Human Resource Management

You will cover the complexities of managing the human resources department of an organization. Topics include human resource planning, recruiting, selecting, training, evaluating performance, developing employees, and compensating employees. You will also learn about current federal and state legislation in the areas of labor relations, health and safety regulations, and affirmative action. Prerequisite: BU2420 Organizational Behavior and Management

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