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Requirement Course Course Name CR
Writing Requirement I WR1010 Writing in the
Lib Arts/Sciences I
Writing Requirement II WR1020 Writing in the
Lib Arts/Sciences II
Math Requirement Choose one of the following •Intro to
Quantitative Reasoning
•College Algebra
LAS 1 Requirement
(On Being Human)
Choose one  •One Love: Marley,
Language & Learning
•History of Political Thought
LAS 2 & Major Requirement
(Communities in America)
PS1000 Overcoming Prejudice & Discrimination 4
LAS 3 Requirement
(Fine Arts)
CW1100  Introduction to Creative Writing 4
LAS 4 & Major Requirement
(Non-Lab Science)
PS2110 Writing & Research in the Social Sciences 4
LAS 5 Requirement
(Lab Science)
ES1110 Environmental Science:
A Global Concern
LAS 6 Requirement
Choose one •Intro to Art & Art History
•Survey of American Lit
•Intro to Literature
LAS 7 Requirement
(Global Diversity)
Choose one  •World Geography
•International Business
Major Requirement AC2210 Financial Accounting 4
Major Requirement AC2220 Management Accounting 4
Major Requirement BU1110 Introduction to Business 4
Major Requirement BU2110 Quantitative Methods 4
Major Requirement BU2510 Principles of Marketing 4
Major Requirement BU3310 Business Finance 4
Major Requirement BU4040 Legal & Ethical Envir of Business 4
Major Requirement CT2430 Strategic Management 4
Major Requirement EC2110 Intro to Macroeconomics 4
Major Requirement EC2120 Intro to Microeconomics 4
Concentration Requirement MT0991 Fundamentals of Mathematics 4
Concentration Requirement WR0990 Foundations of Written Communication 2
Concentration Requirement CT1100 Computer Technology 2
ELECTIVES Choose from
available electives 
     TOTAL 120