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Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies

Degree 100% Online

Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies

Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies Online

With the liberal arts core curriculum at New England College, you'll obtain an education that isn’t limited to one specific subject area or discipline. Exposure to a variety of courses and subjects, such as humanities, history, philosophy, art, literature, economics, science and math, helps you prepare for professional pursuits and provides you with deep insight into what major or career path is best for you. In addition, you'll gain a broad perspective of the world around you and a foundation of knowledge that is useful throughout your life. You'll learn to think in creative ways, improve your communication skills, gain a new appreciation for other cultures and become a thoughtful contributor personally and professionally.

Careers in Liberal Studies

An AA in Liberal Studies is the foundation for a bachelor’s degree in humanities or social sciences, and can provide the right education for many career fields. Here are some careers to consider:

New England College offers flexible, convenient online learning, accelerated courses and the opportunity to start or continue your educational goals on your own time.

Featured Liberal Studies Courses

An AA in Liberal Studies gives you the opportunity to learn about a variety of topics. Here are some of the required courses available.

LAS1110 One Love: Marley, Language and Learning LAS1110 One Love: Marley, Language and Learning

If you want the skills to build a solid career, start with a strong foundation. That’s the idea behind this lively, thought-provoking, and thoroughly modern course that examines the human experience. Rock on as you set the pace for successful online learning by exploring the meaning and purpose of an education rooted in the liberal arts and sciences.

BU2420 Organizational Behavior and Management BU2420 Organizational Behavior and Management

The next generation of leaders needs the skills to impact and influence organizational change. This course provides the necessary tools to obtain those skills and to create a roadmap to success. We will analyze leadership, persuasion, organizational effectiveness, and group behavior to find solutions that are effective, fair, and will move your group in the right direction. Through brief engaging lectures, interactive activities, and resources from your textbook, this course will prepare you for future success and enable you to become the leader you were meant to be.

PS2120 Web U: Using the Internet to Understand Your World PS2120 Web U: Using the Internet to Understand Your World

This course will be a great adventure for all of us. We will take you on an extremely personal and community-based journey. You will have fun, be frustrated, be energized and be inspired as you interact with students from various backgrounds that possess opposing opinions. We will push your critical thinking as you expand your perception of what a society is. If you persist to the end, you may have a transformational life experience. You will be viewing videos that explore many aspects of "community." What is a community? What are the elements of a strong and supportive community? How do work and economics impact our communities? How do art, education and fun affect our sense of community? These are difficult but important questions to answer as we explore communities across the world via the Internet.

To view all of the courses required for this degree, click here.

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