Associate's Degree Programs Online

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Maybe you're looking to keep your education in forward motion, while you determine your career aspirations or save for your bachelor’s degree. Maybe you're returning to school after a long absence and you're just not sure how classes will fit into your busy life. Whatever your reason for choosing an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree, NEC gives you the flexibility to do it on your own terms and schedule. Online courses are offered in convenient seven-week sessions, with seven academic terms per year. That means you can save on overall tuition costs by completing your degree sooner!

Earn your degree from New England College 100% online with no campus attendance required. You’ll earn the same degree as campus-based students and take classes from NEC’s world-class professors and adjunct faculty experts. Learn anytime, anywhere with 24/7 access to professor-led streaming video lectures that you can access from your computer or mobile device. A dynamic interactive community allows you to connect and collaborate with instructors and fellow classmates via instant messaging, chat and faculty-hosted discussion boards.

NEC courses are very user-friendly. Just log in and learn! Best of all, you'll get the support you need to succeed, from application to graduation.


Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies

Core liberal studies in subjects such as humanities, social sciences and literature give students a broad perspective of the world and a foundation of knowledge employers value. They learn to think creatively, improve communication and make meaningful contributions personally and professionally.

Associate of Arts in Business Administration

Foundational liberal studies are blended with business courses such as accounting, economics, business law and marketing. Students gain a sound understanding of the theories that underpin business decisions and learn to think critically, problem solve and confidently make decisions.

Associate of Science in Accounting

Businesses and individuals rely on accounting professionals for a variety of services, from bookkeeping to budget analysis to preparing financial statements. Learn more about taking the first step in your accounting career here!

Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice

A degree in criminal justice lays the foundation for a multitude of options over the course of your career, from local and federal law enforcement to social work. 

Associate of Arts in Psychology

Psychology degrees are a popular option for good reason: The flexible skill set gained from undergraduate psychology programs are a highly valued asset in myriad fields.

Associate of Arts in Sociology - NEW!

Encompassing virtually all facets of the human social experience, the study of sociology is great preparation for any field that involves working with diverse populations.

Associate of Science in Human Services - NEW!

If you’re passionate about helping others, earning a degree in human services can lead to a career in which you make a significant impact on individuals, families and neighborhoods.

Associate of Science in Healthcare Administration

The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving as new technologies and medical advances improve patient care and prognoses, providing exciting opportunities for healthcare administration professionals to help further the innovations.