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BA in Business Administration Curriculum

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Curriculum and Online Courses Overview

Total 120
Liberal Arts Foundation 40
Business Core 44
Electives 36


New England College’s BA in Business Administration helps you develop a strong business acumen and the core competencies to success in any business profession. Classes include core liberal arts courses as well as business courses across many disciplines, including accounting, finance, international business, economics and information systems. Below is a complete listing of New England College’s BA Business Administration curriculum offered 100% online.


BA Business Administration Courses

Liberal Arts Foundation CoursesCredits
Total Liberal Arts Foundation Credits 40
WR1010 Writing in the Liberal Arts and Sciences I syllabus-page-link 4
WR1020 Writing in the Liberal Arts and Sciences II syllabus-page-link 4
MT1020 College Algebra syllabus-page-link 4
  LAS 1 (choose one)
LAS1110 One Love: Marley, Language and Learning
LAS1111 History of Political Thought
  LAS 2 4
BU2420 Organizational Behavior and Management syllabus-page-link
  LAS 3 4
EN2570 Beginning Creative Writing syllabus-page-link
  LAS 4 (choose one)
NSM1000 The Way of Science
PS2110 Writing and Research in Psychology
  LAS 5 4
ES1110 Environmental Science: A Global Concern
  LAS 6 (choose one)
AR1230 Introduction to Art and Art History
EN1020 Introduction to Literature
EN1930 Survey of American Literature
  LAS 7 4
BU3620 International Business


Business Core CoursesCredits
Total Business Core Credits 44
AC2210 Financial Accounting syllabus-page-link 4
AC2220 Management Accounting 4
BU1110 Introduction to Business syllabus-page-link 4
BU2110 Quantitative Methods 4
BU2510 Principles of Marketing syllabus-page-link 4
BU3310 Business Finance 4
BU3880 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business 4
BU4040 Strategic Management 4
CT2430 Information Systems in Organizations 4
EC2110 Introduction to Macroeconomics 4
EC2120 Introduction to Microeconomics 4


Students who require or desire stronger knowledge in the key subjects of math and writing can enroll in foundational courses. Computer Technology (CT1100) is also available to help students review key computer and Internet basics, as well as the Microsoft Office suite.

Elective CoursesCredits
Total Elective Credits 36
  Foundational Courses (2 credits each) 0-8
MT0990 Essential Mathematics I
MT0995 Essential Mathematics II
WR0990 Foundations of Written Communication
CT1100 Computer Technology syllabus-page-link
  Choose Seven Electives 28
AR1230 Introduction to Art and Art History
EN1020 Introduction to Literature
EN1930 Survey of American Literature
HS1130 Evolution of American Democracy
MT1100 Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning
PO1110 U.S. Politics
PO2420 World Geography
PS1110 Introduction to Psychology
PS2050 Social Psychology
PS2120 Web U: Using the Internet to Understand Your World syllabus-page-link
PS2140 Human Development I
PS3110 Juvenile Delinquency
PS3170 Forensic Psychology
PS3210 Abnormal Psychology
SO1110 Introduction to Sociology
SO1130 Criminology
  Choose Up to Two Additional Electives as Needed 0-8


All courses are subject to change. Please consult the official New England College Academic Catalog for the most current information.