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Online Associate's Degree Programs

Earning your associate of arts degree is an important decision that can open up new career possibilities and provide a foundation for your future educational pursuits. Doing it online with New England College can make it achievable in as few as 16 months! You’ll explore a wide range of academic subjects with NEC’s liberal arts foundation. Courses include natural sciences, social sciences, mathematics, art, humanities and literature.

Whatever your reason for obtaining an AA – to increase your earning potential, identify your career aspirations, keep your education in forward motion while you save for your bachelor’s degree, or return to college after a long absence – NEC gives you the flexibility to do it on your own terms and schedule. And with the chance to save on overall tuition costs by completing your degree sooner, you stand to gain even more! Online courses at NEC are offered in convenient seven-week sessions with seven academic sessions per year. Compare that to other programs and you can see the difference in time and savings can really add up.


Financial Aid May Be Available for Those Who Qualify

New England College and University Alliance believe there should be no obstacles to your success, so don’t let finances get in the way of your academic goals. We’re committed to helping students from all financial backgrounds meet their educational objectives. Be sure to explore your options.

Free Financial Aid Guide

Here’s something that can help and it’s free! Download our financial aid guide PDF today and learn how to apply for federal grants and loans to help pay for your education.

Get an Online Associates Degree from a Regionally Accredited College

The dynamic multimedia technology powering NEC’s online courses results in a video-based e-learning environment that is both engaging and rewarding. You can earn your degree from New England College 100% online with no campus attendance required. You’ll earn the same degree as campus-based students and take classes from NEC’s world-class professors and adjunct faculty experts. Learn anytime, anywhere with 24/7 access to professor-led streaming video lectures and MP3 and MP4 lecture downloads. Interact with instructors and fellow classmates via email and in live chat rooms and faculty-hosted discussion boards. NEC courses are very user-friendly – just log in and learn!