Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Why Pursue A Psychology Bachelor's Degree Online?

When it comes to making a lasting difference in people’s lives, few fields offer more opportunities than psychology. So what can you do with a BA in Psychology? From case managers and community service managers to rehabilitation specialists and psychiatric technicians, a variety of possibilities await those who hold a psychology bachelor’s degree. Career prospects for many positions in this field are red-hot. For example, employment of social and community service managers is expected to grow by 27 percent through 2020, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Whether you plan to pursue one of these positions or continue study at the graduate level, New England College is a great place to start your journey. 

What You’ll Learn

  • Theoretical approaches to counseling and therapy, as well as the skills of communication, listening and empathy
  • Various research strategies/methodologies used by psychologists and other social scientists
  • How physical environment influences social and psychological behavior in housing, schools, office and institutional settings
  • Ways that models of racial and gender identity development are applied in psychological contexts such as clinical counseling
  • Causes, symptoms, definition and treatments of psychological disorders
  • How to evaluate/assess intellectual levels, possible learning disabilities, aptitude, achievement and various aspects of personality

About Psychology

Psychology emphasizes the fundamental importance of understanding human behavior and thought. It is a wide-ranging discipline, encompassing diverse fields of study. It is also, by its history and nature, an activist, applied discipline. Students focus on such diverse topics as human development, prejudice, aggression, abnormal psychology, health and social interaction, not solely to acquire knowledge, but also with the intent of using this knowledge to better their community and their world.

Benefits of Earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

  • Prepare for careers in social and political service, community health, human resources, business and education 
  • Blend practical skills with theoretical content and critical thinking abilities
  • Demonstrate to employers a seriousness and dedication to psychology
  • Learn skills that can enhance your marketability and career potential

Careers You May Consider with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

A Clinical Psychology degree will help students apply their knowledge to real world situations in various different career paths.

A Psychology degree with a concentration in Criminal Justice will help students understand the characteristics of both the criminal mind and the victim's mind.

A Developmental Psychology Concentration aims to evaluate how people change over time; from infancy to adulthood.