Computer Science Concentration

Online Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration - Computer Science Degree

Computer Science Degree

Why Pursue a Computer Science Degree?

With newer and faster technologies continually changing the way companies operate, individuals who understand how business technology can impact decision making and company performance are in high demand.

Companies rely on information technology for everything from bookkeeping to advertising, which creates opportunities for computer specialists across multiple departments and specialties. The ability to analyze and improve technology systems to bolster productivity and profitability make business-minded computer professionals a valuable resource for companies – as employees and consultants.

Develop the tools to succeed in business and gain information technology, programming and systems management skills by earning a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a specialization in computer science.

With New England College’s online Bachelor's degrees, you can earn your degree on a schedule that fits your needs with anywhere, anytime access to streaming and downloadable lectures, professor-led chat rooms and interactive discussion boards. 

Courses leading to a BA in Business Administration-Computer Science will teach you:

  • Techniques to maximize information systems in organizations
  • Object-oriented programming and Internet programming
  • Ways you can be a better consumer of information technology
  • How and when to use technology to make business decisions
  • Approaches to managing information systems
  • Advantages and effective use of electronic data interchange
  • Strategies for using technology to enhance your business
  • How to use information technology resources in a socially and ethically responsible manner
  • Become adept at decision making and problem solving
  • Develop effective communication and organizational management skills
  • Apply what you learn about budgeting and financial planning to your everyday life

Careers you may consider with a BA Business Administration Computer Science: