Accounting Concentration

Online Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration - Accounting Degree

Accounting Degree

Why Pursue an Accounting Degree?

Accounting skills aren’t just for the accounting department; they are a critical component in all facets of business.   In fact, one of the most important assets a manager can bring to a business is a working knowledge of accounting practices.  Department leaders need to establish and maintain budgets, account for spending, track expenses and understand the impact their expenditures have on a company’s bottom line.

For aspiring entrepreneurs and executives, an understanding of accounting practices can mean the difference between your company’s profitability and bankruptcy. To make sound business decisions, you need to understand and interpret the numbers driving your organization’s results.

A Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a specialization in accounting can build your business savvy and give you valuable financial management skills. With New England College’s Bachelor Degree Programs online, you can complete your BA in Business Administration at your convenience with anytime, anywhere access to streaming and downloadable lectures, interactive discussion boards and professor-led live chat rooms.

Courses leading to a BA in Business Administration-Accounting will teach you:

  • Financial competencies that are fundamental to good fiscal management
  • Skills that apply to private industry, governmental and other nonprofit accounting entities
  • How to record financial transactions
  • How to prepare and examine financial statements
  • Critical information about accounts payable and receivable
  • The proper way to maintain a ledger
  • Business analysis techniques

Careers you may consider with a Business Administration in accounting: