Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

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 Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

About the Online Business Administration Degree

Transferable knowledge and skills, and the ability to embrace differences and confidently adapt to change, are crucial to your success in the evolving job marketplace. Become a better communicator, decision maker and problem solver by earning your business degree online. With New England College’s undergraduate program online.

The BA in Business Administration program at New England College blends core liberal arts coursework with classes that help you develop a strong business acumen and the competencies to excel in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations alike. Throughout the program, you’ll be exposed to a variety of disciplines from accounting to business law and marketing to economics. You’ll learn how businesses are organized, owned and operated and how to function effectively within them to contribute to company success. You’ll also gain familiarity with business technology, spreadsheets and databases, and develop efficient time and organizational management skills. And by specializing in a subset of business administration, you’ll gain specific expertise to suit your career aspirations.

Program Benefits:

  • Enhance your marketability and career potential with in-demand business skills
  • Contribute to the strategic direction of your company
  • Master core business principles and practices
  • Confidently lead and influence others
  • Learn to manage risk while creating competitive advantages
  • Become adept at decision making and problem solving
  • Develop effective communication and organizational management skills
  • Apply what you learn about budgeting and financial planning to your everyday life 

Specialization Degrees


Accounting skills aren’t just for the accounting department. Business managers throughout a company need to budget for their departments, account for spending practices, keep track of expenses and understand the impact their spending has on the company’s bottom line.

Computer Science Degree

Individuals who understand how business technology impacts decision making and company performance are in high demand. A specialization in computer science adds information technology, programming and systems management skills to core business administration knowledge.

Management Degree Online

Strong leadership is one of the most important assets a company can have. Students pursuing a specialization in management learn key strategies for inspiring productivity, managing organizations and contributing to company performance.

Online Marketing Degree

Students gain a deep understanding of buyer behavior and develop strategies to meet the needs and wants of consumers by earning their business administration degree with a specialization in marketing.