Bachelor's Degree Programs Online

Bachelor's Degree Programs Online
Bachelor's Degree Programs Online

Enhance Your Career Potential While Receiving Personal Attention You Need.

Earn your bachelor’s degree from a traditional college with help and guidance that’s anything but traditional. A dynamic interactive community allows you to network and collaborate with instructors and fellow classmates via instant messaging, chat, faculty-hosted discussion boards and more. Plus, you earn the same degree as campus-based students, but no campus attendance is required. You also have the advantage of being able to learn anytime, anywhere from any Internet-ready computer or mobile device. Access professor-led video lectures at times and places that are convenient for you.

Earning your bachelor's degree can open up new career possibilities, provide a genuine sense of accomplishment and add to your earning potential. With NEC’s online bachelor's degree programs, you have the flexibility to earn your degree on your own terms and schedule. Classes are offered in convenient seven-week sessions, seven terms per year, allowing you to complete your degree sooner than with other programs.



Bachelor of Arts in Humanities

With an emphasis on languages, literature, art, music, philosophy and religion, develop skills in reading, writing, researching, communication, problem solving and critical thinking – skills that you can apply to many diverse careers.

Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences

Study economics, psychology, sociology and more, while developing skills employers value – oral and written communication, interpersonal, teamwork, technical, analytical, critical thinking, organizational, and problem solving skills.

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

This program helps students master the communication, decision-making and leadership skills essential in today’s evolving marketplace. Choose one of four optional concentrations and gain specific expertise to suit your career aspirations.

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

This bachelor's degree will prepare students for a career in Accounting. Including core strategies, techniques and ethical practices.

Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

For students preparing for career advancement in law, law enforcement, corrections, social services or the justice system, this program emphasizes a multi-disciplinary and experiential approach to crime, justice and the reduction of violence.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

When it comes to making a lasting difference in people’s lives, few fields offer more opportunities than psychology. From case managers and community service managers to rehabilitation specialists and psychiatric technicians, a variety of careers await those who hold this degree. Choose one of three optional concentrations and gain specific expertise to suit your career aspirations.

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Prepare for a career in health and human services, social work, journalism, politics, criminal justice, business and more by studying social behavior. The study of sociology lends itself to any field that involves working with diverse populations.

Bachelor of Science in Human Services

If you’re passionate about helping others, earning a degree in human services can build the foundation you need to help people and communities in crisis.

Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration

Whether students aim to work in a large hospital or a small clinic, opportunities abound for healthcare leaders who can organize and manage medical information and staffs. Students in this program learn to manage short-term healthcare goals and long-term strategy.