Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies

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Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies

Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies Online

With the liberal arts core curriculum at New England College, you'll obtain an education that isn’t limited to one specific subject area or discipline. Exposure to a variety of courses and subjects, such as humanities, history, philosophy, art, literature, economics, science and math, helps you prepare for professional pursuits and provides you with deep insight into what major or career path is best for you. In addition, you'll gain a broad perspective of the world around you and a foundation of knowledge that is useful throughout your life. You'll learn to think in creative ways, improve your communication skills, gain a new appreciation for other cultures and become a thoughtful contributor personally and professionally.

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What You’ll Learn

  • Develop your ability to think critically, which can make you a better decision maker, problem solver and idea generator
  • Discover strategies, theories and principles in a variety of disciplines that can add value to your everyday life and help you improve your job performance
  • Gain a better understanding of events, culture, societal actions and issues and even human nature, preparing you to have a greater appreciation for and understanding of the world around you

Benefits of an AA in Liberal Studies

  • Enhance your career potential and marketability by completing a college degree
  • Get a jumpstart on earning your bachelor’s degree
  • Develop skills you can immediately apply in the workplace
  • Gain foundational knowledge that is highly applicable in a variety of professional fields
  • Major in a discipline that doesn’t limit you to a prescribed subject or career
  • Explore various topics and disciplines that can help you identify ideal career pursuits
  • Use what you learn to determine what’s important to you in your personal and professional life

Make the Most of Your Degree

Complete your AA in Liberal Studies from NEC online! For a student who is unsure about a career path or even on how much education they intend to pursue, an AA degree is an excellent choice for keeping your education momentum going while making career and advanced degree decisions. After earning your AA in Liberal Studies, we encourage you to extend your education with a bachelor’s degree from NEC. Your AA degree is a solid foundation for your bachelor's degree online and many associate’s degree credits can transfer to a bachelor’s degree program.

Careers You May Consider with an Associate's Degree in Liberal Studies