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Business Degrees: A Road to A Successful Career


Business acumen can be an important factor in attaining success in a variety of career fields and a business degree also can provide a buffer against shifts in the job market. Check out the infographic below for the relevant statistics to illustrate the value of a business degree and the protection it represents in any economy.


Business Degree to Business Career


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<a href="http://www.newenglandcollegeonline.com/business-degree-to-business-career-infographic/"><img src="http://www.newenglandcollegeonline.com/media/2246113/new_england_business_school.png" alt="Online Business Degrees Lead to Business Careers" title="Business Degree to Business Career" width="975" height="2469" border="10" /></a><br />Infographic by New England College Online, your source for <a href="http://www.newenglandcollegeonline.com/undergraduate-programs/bachelors-degrees/" target="_blank">Undergraduate Business Degrees Online.</a>


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