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Accounting Specialization Degree

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Accounting and finance skills aren’t just for the accounting department. Business managers throughout the company need to budget for their departments, account for spending practices, keep track of expenses and understand the impact their spending has on the company’s bottom line. Become business savvy with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and add the skills to handle and manage finances by specializing in Accounting. With New England College’s undergraduate programs online, you can complete your BA in Business Administration in as few as 28 months!

What You’ll Learn With a Degree Specialization in Accounting

  • Competencies that are fundamental to good management
  • Skills that apply to private industry, governmental and other non-profit accounting entities
  • How to record financial transactions
  • How to prepare and examine financial statements
  • Critical information about accounts payable and receivable
  • The proper way to maintain a ledger
  • Business analysis techniques

Careers You May Consider with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Accounting